— Update Sep 29, 2014 —
I released Clasp – a Common Lisp that interoperates with C++ and uses LLVM as the back end!
Announcing Clasp


My first demo of my C++/C/Objective-C refactoring tool called “Improve”.

It’s written in Common Lisp and it runs within “Clasp” – a Common Lisp system/compiler that I wrote that interoperates with C++ and uses LLVM as the backend. I’ll say more on that later.

This demo demonstrates how to load a C++ source file and to interactively build an ASTMatcher to find patterns within your code. I’ll demonstrate how you write refactoring tools later.

You can quickly write complex ASTMatchers using it.

It has a “hint” facility that suggests ASTMatcher predicates that can be applied at any point within the matcher.

It also has a ability to focus the matcher you are writing on C++ examples that you provide it. This allows you to quickly create matchers that match code that you want to match and ignore…

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